The GLOBAL G.A.P. Regulations for Fruit and Vegetables establishes good agricultural practices at all stages of production in the field. It also ensures that the preparation process is conducted with good practices in terms of hygiene and food safety, with the fruit being traceable at all times in line with the GLOBAL G.A.P. regulations.

The GRASP quality protocol (GLOBAL G.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice) is a module that completes or complements the GLOBAL G.A.P certification. This protocol evaluates social practices in relation to the health, safety and wellbeing of employees working on the production.

The QS standard is a food control system that aims to ensure quality from the field right through to the end consumer (field, processing, transport and distribution). Montfruits is certified both for its work in the field (producers) and in the warehouse. All QS products must be identified with a logo that certifies to the end consumer that the fruit comes from reliable and safe suppliers and that its quality, safety and hygiene has been monitored throughout the supply chain.

The IFS Food regulations guarantee compliance with the legal requirements in relation to food products in the installations, as well as ensuring the customers can be confident of food safety and quality. These regulations focus on achieving full quality in the end product in line with the customer demand, through the various processes. Meanwhile, it sets out the requirements in terms of a brand’s Management Liability; Quality and food safety management systems; Resource management; Production planning and process; Measurement, analysis and improvement; and Food Defence.